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"Penn State, Blue & White Proud"

The third week is here, and some of us are sad,
After the game last week, some are downright mad.

Our team looked pretty sloppy, and that’s putting it best,
“The Fan” and “In the Huddle” have summed up the rest!

Every once in awhile, even great teams can slip,
And when that occurs, we sometimes give them a rip!

So this week’s poem I call “Penn State, Blue and White Proud”
An inspirational boost, for our diehard fan crowd.

For even on bad days when the weather is gray,
I can rely on the Lions to brighten my day!

Because it’s not just the game, that we all come to see,
It’s the place and the people, “the YOU and the ME.”

It’s the view of the stadium, that rises out of the fog,
The tables of goodies and snacks that we all try to hog!

It’s that “Happy Valley feeling” that you get when you near,
And it is only this special, at one time of the year!

So remember that football and tailgating are best done with all your friends in the crowd,
And come “WIN OR LOSE”, you’ll remain “PENN STATE, BLUE & WHITE PROUD!!”

Brent "Poet Laureate"

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